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On November 23rd, President Obama announced his new STEM promoting science education initiative, Educate To Innovate. It is an ambitous effort to partner the private sector with schools to promote science, technology, engineering and math. National Lab Day is part of this initiative and will help build communities of support around teachers across the country, culminating in a day of civic participation. 

Why This Is Important 

The White House says we have many great schools, excellent teachers, and successful students in America. But there are also troubling signs that, overall, our students should be doing better in math and science. In the 2006 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) comparison, American students ranked 21st out of 30 in science literacy among students from developed countries, and 25th out of 30 in math literacy. On the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) math tests, 4th graders showed no signs of progress for the first time in many years, and 8th graders tallied only modest evidence of progress. We are not advancing as we must.



Watch the video of the President's announcement below: 

Why Businesses Should Get Involved

There is a role fror business to support projects like SuperScience for High School Physics and National Lab Day. Not only is it good public relations and great exposure but it helps to keep the future of America, as a leader in science and technology, a viable position in global affairs. The Business Higher Education Forum's Executive Director Brian K. Fitzgerald said of BHEF's support for National Lab Day:

“America’s advantage over its international counterparts in science, technology, and innovation is diminishing. We at BHEF, through our Securing America’s Leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Initiative, work to ensure that America remains a global leader. In fact, our goal is to double the number of U.S. students who graduate in STEM fields by 2015. We are excited to be a part of such a crucial effort as National Lab Day.”

Businesses Are Getting Involved...

We want to thank our sponsors, who have active logos throughout this section. They have the forethought to not only see the good that projects like SuperScience for High School Physics do, but also realize that it's a good investment. Thousands of visitors to our pages, drawn by the promotion of these extraordinary activities with students accomplishing things that wouldn't be possible, many times, if it were not for the cutting edge research and unparalled vision of Marshall Barnes, will see our sponsors and be able to connect with them in informative and meaningful ways. The historic nature of many of the students' projects will make this site a reference in the future, meaning many repeat visits, thus promotional exposures for those sponsor's brands.

It's what's called a "win-win" - the students benefit from the involvement that the sponsorships make posssible and the sponsors get the kind of high quality exposure that would otherwise be nonexistent at the levels that they purchased. No costs have been passed on to the schools, students or parents, making this a free educational experience that would not be possible otherwise. 


Marshall Barnes of SuperScience for High School Physics has joined the White House, Educate to Innovate, initiative on several fronts - the most significant being National Lab Day, where he is a leading scientist working with educational projects in a total of 6 states.



The graphics below will take you to the official National Lab Day site and we will be adding pages here to show some of the projects that Marshall has developed for students around the country.





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Projects I support

  • Tinkering with Technology
  • Detroit, MI (100+ miles away)
  • PhysicsIn Classroom
  • I would like my students, especially my female students, to have the opportunity to take apart old household or offic...
  • data analysis
  • Toledo, OH (100+ miles away)
  • MathIn Classroom
  • Viewing and interacting with various types of data
  • Hollywood physics project
  • Summit, NJ (100+ miles away)
  • PhysicsIn Classroom
  • To explore the physics behind hollywood movies. Students will pick a scene from a movie and explain the physics behin...
  • Large Hadron Collider Lessons
  • Orlando, FL (100+ miles away)
  • PhysicsIn Classroom
  • I teach gifted studies, a class designed to give 6-8th grade high performing students the opportunity to challenge th...
  • Guest speakers - Hear a Scientist
  • Fairfield, CT (100+ miles away)
  • PhysicsIn Classroom
  • We would like to have guest speakers who will come to class, bring their tools of the trade, and talk to the students...
  • Physics
  • Northfield, OH (100+ miles away)
  • PhysicsIn Classroom
  • Looking for any hands-on, physics demonstrations or labs for a senior level physics course
  • Big Bang or Big Hoax?
  • San Marcos, CA (100+ miles away)
  • ScienceField Trips
  • I am still in the design stages for this project, but I teach 8th grade physical science and we will be beginning our...
  • Science Careers and Research
  • Flinton, PA (100+ miles away)
  • PhysicsIn Classroom
  • I would like my students to get exposure to both careers in science and current science research. Any type of scient...
  • True Arts and Sciences
  • Columbus, OH (5 miles away)
  • PhysicsField Trips
  • I have been trying to incorporate music and visual arts in my physics classrooms. I am an amateur musician, writer, ...
  • Constructing a Shadow of a Tesseract.
  • Short Hills, NJ (100+ miles away)
  • MathIn Classroom
  • Quick synopsis of current lesson: As part of map and math studies the students draw lines of latitude and longitude o...
  • "Real" Science Laboratory
  • Columbus, OH (5 miles away)
  • ScienceIn Classroom
  • I teach in a school with many low income students, many of whom have dropped out of high school at one point and retu...
  • Physics Day !
  • New York, NY (100+ miles away)
  • PhysicsField Trips
  • Science Club students from grades 9-12 would travel Six Flags and experience hands-on experiments not possible in the...
  • Light Energy
  • Canterbury, NH (100+ miles away)
  • PhysicsIn Classroom
  • I'm looking for a scientist to help us explore light- how it can be reflected, refracted, or absorbed. I don't have a...
  • Hubble Data Analysis
  • East Hampton, NY (100+ miles away)
  • PhysicsIn Classroom
  • Student would like to implement a project studying data transmitted by the Hubble Telescope. This is far from my area...
  • Build an alternative car
  • Colorado Spgs, CO (100+ miles away)
  • Earth/Environmental ScienceOut of Classroom
  • I have two students who would like to revamp a car into an alternative fuel vehicle. Right now they are doing researc...
  • Moon, Mars & Beyond
  • Lake Forest, IL (100+ miles away)
  • MathOut of Classroom
  • This is an afterschool activity for girls in grades 2 - 5, that is a simulated space mission in which the girls must ...
  • Light Waves and Index of Refraction
  • Canal Wnchstr, OH (20 miles away)
  • PhysicsIn Classroom
  • I'm interested in finding someone to do a demonstration of light to my general physics class around the end of April ...


Original Message:

From: Teacher Kathleen Sullivan

Date: 09 Feb 20:39


Thank you so much for being willing to help me with this.

I think right now I would like to focus more on the Movie. I am interested in both but I think my students would be more interest right now in the movie. I had them focus last year more on if the stunt was possible or not based off of data that they could collect from the movie. Overall it went pretty well but finding some of the information was difficult. Any suggestions are welcomed.



Original Message:

From: Teacher Lisa Benincasa

Date: 01 Mar 21:46

Hi Marshall, I have forwarded all your information to my student and he is working his way through the links and suggestions that you have provided. Any one who knows me can have no doubt about my helping him, because I really struggle to get this stuff. Its just not the way my mind works, but it fits well with Eric's. He says he does understand most of what he is reading, and I am happy to see that he is going over it all very carefully and in depth to make sure he follows it. He is not the type of kid that looks for the easy way out and this is a good challenge for him, even if it is too much for me. You can see why I depend on experts for help with non-bio projects. Thanks, Lisa

Teacher Lisa B. has invited you to join the project, and you have accepted the invitation!National Lab Day